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What is Makifyr ?

Makifyr Vision

Makifyr enables digital manufacturing at your home, office, hospital or even at a school, by digitally automating manufacturing for designers, architects, doctors or a school kid.

Makifyr approach

Digital Fabrication is the future of manufacturing. The next industrial revolution is opening up through creative, personal and customized manufacturing abilities to the whole world – where everyone can participate in the process. This democratization of maker skills and tools will not be much different than the journey computers had – from a few, big, centralized mainframes to something we now hold in our hands. We foresee exponential leap in digital fabrication technologies in the same way PCs brought in computational capabilities to non-traditional environments.

Makifyr Stories

Makifyr Trending

Makifyr's are used to solve world's interesting problems. Be it in healthcare, Robotics or Education.

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